What to Blog About When Your Mind is Blank

What to Blog About When Your Mind is Blank

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Have you ever sat there wondering what to blog about? You’re sitting in front of your computer, your post page is open and your mind is completely blank. Every blogger has been there. Throughout the day, when I’m busy doing other things, my mind is full of ideas of what to blog about later, by the time later rolls around however, it’s a different story.

I’m a mom, I suffer from mom brain at times. We could look into that here or ways to jog your memory or even tips on how to note your ideas throughout the day. However, if you found this page by searching “what to blog about”, then that’s not really going to help you right now. So instead, below you can find the methods I personally use to come up with ideas to blog about.

But before we get into that, there are a few things I’d like to mention. If you are looking for ideas for creating a new blog, while this article may help with that, it’s not specifically for starting a blog. Secondly, these tips will depend on the type of blog you have, hopefully, they will be broad enough to give you some blog topic ideas but they may not suit every niche.

This page is divided into two sections

Tips on deciding what to blog about – these are simply ideas to help jump-start your ideas when you feel like your mind is blank.

Suggestions of what to blog about – Actual ideas of what you can blog about, relevancy will depend on your niche

How to Decide What to Blog About

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No.1 Ask Your Kids or Your Partner for Blog Post Ideas

I do ask my kids often for ideas for my other websites. Not only are kids a wealth of information but they can be the most enthusiastic personal assistants. Of course this depends on the topic of your blog. If I want ideas about gaming, books, social media, school stuff or just the latest craze for their age group, they are a great source of ideas.

This is ideal if you review products or run a parenting/kids blog.

No.2 Think About Your Latest Purchases and Blog About Them

If you write product reviews, this seems obvious but many bloggers I know often forget things they have bought themselves when they go to write a review. For example, I recently bought a new Kindle Fire for my daughter, as I handed it to her I realized I could also review her new tablet.

Nothing groundbreaking there, it’s pretty obvious but as I sat there at my computer about to review the fire tablet I realized something. I was wearing a posture correcting strap that I recently bought on Amazon. I spend a lot of time on my computer and my back aches after a long time so I decided to try a posture corrector. It never occurred to me to write a review about it. (I’m still trying it out, I most likely will write that review in the future)

No.3 Don’t Turn to Keyword Research

I enjoy keyword research, its great for putting in a seed keyword and getting a ton of ideas. If you don’t know what to blog about then it’s likely you don’t know what to search for in a keyword tool either. At least that’s how it is for me. I have several keyword tools I love to use, one paid, the others free.

The reason I say don’t use keyword research when you are trying to decide what to write about is you will either get engrossed in research and not write anything, stare blankly at the search box or, get overwhelmed with all the articles you haven’t yet written. The last happens if you use a tool that stores your keyword lists. It’s like a giant reminder of all the great ideas you never got around to writing yet.

I use keyword research when I have an idea in mind, that way I can be super focused on that idea and search for related keywords to help write my blog post.

No. 4 Step Away From the Keyboard!

Not knowing what to blog about is just like writer’s block. Sometimes the very thing you need to do is the thing that stops you. It’s almost like sitting in front of your computer is putting you under pressure to think of something to blog about. Step away for a few moments, make a coffee (did I mention I love coffee?) or get a snack.

I find my ideas often come while I’m busy doing housework or walking our puppy. Do something different for a short time and see if anything pops into your head to blog about.

No. 5 Waste Time on Other Websites

The trick to getting inspired and knowing what to write about isn’t to go waste time on Facebook or another social media site. They are some of the best time-wasters in the world. What you need to do, is waste only a short amount of time, enough to find an idea and get back to writing. There are tons of sites you can use that won’t eat up your time completely.

Here are a few sites that might work:

Suggestions for Blog Topics

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Take Our Quick What to Blog About Quiz

Why not take our quick quiz to get a suggestion on which type of post you should create. It only takes a moment and there’s no sign-up or email required to view your results.

What To Blog About?

Okay, finally we get to some suggestions for what to blog about. I have set this out in a question format so you can quickly skip the ideas that are not relevant to you.

Review’s and Comparison Blog Post Ideas

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Q. Have you recently purchased any new items for the home?

If you have that’s great, why not take some photos and write a review? You could make a video review or write a pro’s and con’s list about the product. Does it work as intended, is it good for it’s purpose? Did you have to return it? All of these things can be blogged about.

Q. Have you started using any new software lately?

If you have, why not check if they have an affiliate program? If they don’t have an affiliate program, is there a competing product that does? Did you have similar software in the past, how does your new software compare to what you have used before. Why did you buy the software? What compelled you to buy it, did it live up to your expectations? If it did, or even if it didn’t, you were convinced to make the purchase, you can use that in your review.

Q. Have you been considering a new purchase?

Maybe you have been going back and forth trying to decide whether to buy. Is there any way you could make some sales if you do decide to buy? For example, is it from a retailer that has an affiliate program? Buying a product just to write a review isn’t a great idea but, if you were considering buying anyway and you think it would be a good item to review, now might be the time to do it.

Q. Have you read anything new recently?

I love reading and in the past month have read around 6 novels, but I hate writing book reviews so I rarely do. However, I do like to write series reviews. I find it much easier to write about a series of books than a single novel. You can list the series in order, give a short summary of the series and a link to where they can be purchased.

Q. What are your kids into right now?

I mentioned it earlier, kids are a great source of ideas. If you have kids or even nieces and nephews, you can pick their brains a little. Ask them about what’s top of their Santa list (if it’s that time of year) or what they hope to get for their birthdays. Kids are very in tune with what’s popular in their age groups right now.

Informational Posts and In-depth Articles

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Q. Have you recently added a new feature to your blog?

Have you been trying out a new plugin? Or maybe you learned how to customize a section that you previously were unhappy with? Was it difficult to achieve? Are customizations easy for you? They can be difficult for a lot of people. You could write a how to article or give step by step instructions on how you accomplished it.

Q. Have you been struggling to get WordPress to function?

This happens to me all the time. I want to change something on my blog or implement schema markup or similar. That usually means a ton of research and a lot of trial and error. You put in all that time, you can be sure someone else would benefit from your newly gained knowledge. What did you try, what worked and what didn’t?

Q. Did you increase your social media following lately?

If you did, great! How did you do it? Which methods worked for you? Could you write about it and share what worked with your readers?

Q. Have you discovered a new way to speed up your productivity?

You don’t have to just write about WordPress or blogging. Maybe you found a way to be more productive outside of blogging? Life hacks are always fun to read and they can be fun to write about too. I bet you have many you use every day and don’t even realize it.

Reach Out to Your Followers


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Obviously, this is easier if you have a lot of followers or subscribers, but if you don’t then you can still reach out to social media.

Q. Do you follow other blogs in your niche?

If not and if your niche suits, why not do some research and find some really great posts from other bloggers that are relevant to your niche. Write a list-style post about why you like each article and of course share some link juice to those bloggers. This is not something you want to do for every post you write and it is niche dependent. It’s also a good idea to send off a quick email to those authors and let them know you liked their article and that you have linked to it in your post, you can also share the post so they can take a look.

Q. Do you know what your readers are looking for when they arrive at your blog?

If you do, fantastic, if you don’t, ask them. You can write a post asking what your readers would like to read more about, you can even include a poll if you like. For instance, if you have a recipe blog, would your readers appreciate more vegetarian recipes or would they like to see more sweet treats? Maybe there’s something you haven’t covered, you can ask if there’s any recipes they would like to see in the future.

Q. Do you like statistics?

Lots of people love statistics, you can do some research online for your niche and write up a post about your findings. Otherwise you can gather your own statistics through social media. Create a poll on twitter or on your blog, gather the results and create a blog post about it. You can give several options in your poll, the more information you gather the better. Your post can then deliver the results and you can write about why you believe option A was more popular than option C and so on.

Q. Do you like photography?

Many of us have computers that are cluttered up with photos, I personally have over 10k photos of my kids in one folder. I don’t ever share those online so they are not used for blogging, but there are a few nice shots of scenery in there that I’ve taken on days out at popular tourist spots. Do you have any photos you can use? Alternatively, do you live somewhere scenic that you could take photos? A photo blog post can be great for sharing on sites like Pinterest.

List’s List’s and More List’s


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I love lists, I read lists that have nothing to do with my interests at times simply because I come across them while randomly browsing. The more interesting you can make your list the better.

Q. Did you come across something unusual recently?

Unusual lists are fun to read, they can also be shared a lot. There are many ways you can approach this, for example you could blog about the most expensive things to buy on amazon like this chandelier. Just remember not to add the prices! It’s against Amazon’s Tos.

Q. Do you have a shopping list?

Not your regular groceries list, but a list of, for example, kid’s toys for that special time of year? How about a top ten list of fitness gadgets? Or anything else. Yes, top ten lists have been done and overdone, but if you can add a new spin and a catchy title you can create a great list.

Q. What do you dislike?

Lists don’t always have to be the best of, in fact, lists of the worst things can be quite entertaining too. Ten of the worst writing mistakes you can make or 20 really bad ideas for Christmas gifts. If you have fun with it, it will be easier to write.


Did you discover something to blog about?

Hopefully, I have given you some ideas on what to blog about. If you have any suggestions I could add or think I could improve this post in any way, please let me know, thanks

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