How to Train a New Puppy? My Borador Cross

How to Train a New Puppy? My Borador Cross


How to Train a New Puppy?

This is Lola, our new Borador puppy cross. She’s one-quarter labrador and three quarters border collie. I’m quite looking forward to training her but my knowledge of puppy training is lacking to say the least.

borador puppy training

Training a new puppy shouldn’t be too difficult, or so the books say!

I’ve borrowed seven different books on puppy training from the library so far. You can get books on all kinds of training from training a super dog to breed specific training.

What I really need to know is the basics, or more specifically how to train a new puppy when you have kids in the house.

I imagine training needs to be consistent, meaning I must train the kids and Lola to play nicely together.

I’ve always wanted a dog, we have cat’s and kittens in the house so that’s a consideration too. Lola gets on fine with the kittens, she’s excitable but it’s lovely to watch because they are the same age.

The kittens are just eight weeks old and Lola is two months so they are all at a really playful age. Our mommy cat does not like Lola at all, so I’m keeping a close eye on them together.

Our kittens are adorable, we had four altogether but have rehomed one, two more have homes and the kid’s have convinced me to keep one (below)

our kittens


As you can tell, we have a very full house at the moment, it’s a little chaotic!

Got Any Puppy Training Tips?

If you have any tips on borador puppy training or puppy training in general, please let me know in the comments. Tips on how to help kids with training a puppy or raising a puppy and kittens together would be really helpful!

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