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Blogging Blogging Tips and Tools

I’ve been blogging since before I started drinking coffee. I started my first website just over 12 years ago. I took breaks here and there, but over the years I learned a lot. I worked as a writer, I designed websites for businesses and developed over 40 WordPress websites.

I’m no expert on blogging, but I enjoy it and like to share what I’ve learned, you will find all blog and blogging related topics here.

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Coffee, Just Coffee

You might not think that coffee deserves a whole category, but we do. In truth, just one of us does. I love coffee and my sister loves tea, but this section is all about the coffee!

Coffee and More Coffee! 

Gadgets for homeGadgets and Things that Make Life Easier

Here at, we love gadgets. Like life hacks but physical products that make life easier. Actually, we both just love shiny new things and if we find one that helps us and that we love, we will usually write about it in our gadgets section.

Gadgets for home

Money and Finances

Who doesn’t like to save money? We do, but we also like to spend it! This section will mostly cover how to spend without overspending, where to find deals and discounts and general money saving tips.

Money and Finances

Pets and pet carePets, Pet Care and all things Animals

Between my sister and I, we have 4 cats and 4 dogs, we love pets and animals in general. If we write about pets, you will find it here!

Pets and Pet Care

Family recipes

Recipes for Families

We are both mom’s and between us, we have 9 children, so we have a lot of recipes to share, everything from simple meal ideas to desserts and party cakes. We focus on family recipes that are easy for busy families. You can find all our recipes below:

Easy Family Recipes and Ideas

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