How to Find Amazon Deals and Save Money

How to Find Amazon Deals and Save Money

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You can find just about anything on Amazon but do you know how to find Amazon deals? A lot of people don’t know that when shopping on Amazon you can find a lot of special offers and discounts on thousands of products, you can even enter competitions to win free stuff.

Most people are familiar with the regular deals available on Amazon. You can usually find these on the homepage under deals and promotions. In this article we look at the lesser known ways to find Amazon deals.

A Note on Amazon Prime

Before we look at those, it is worth mentioning that if you regularly shop on Amazon, you should avail of prime membership because it will save you money and has a lot of benefits that go with it.

If you have never signed up for a prime membership, you can try it free for 30 days here.

If you are a valid EBT cardholder you may also qualify for a discounted Prime membership.

Even if you don’t use Prime, you can still find great Amazon deals, find out how below.

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Find Amazon Deals and Giveaways

Did you know that Amazon has thousands of giveaways? 

I didn’t for a long time. These giveaways feature thousands of products that offer great discounts on products as well as the opportunity to win.

Most of these have no entry requirements at all. Some require you to watch a short video and almost all of them offer an immediate discount upon entry.

So even if you don’t win and let’s face it, you probably won’t unless you enter hundreds daily, you can still avail of some great deals on a wide range of products.

You can even subscribe to Amazon giveaways so you never miss out on entering.

Visit Amazon

and simply type “giveaways” in the search bar.

How Amazon Giveaways Work

Giveaways on Amazon are really simple, once you are on the giveaway page, you will see listings of products from different categories. Each product will list the entry requirement and the percentage of discount (if any) that each person who enters will receive.

If there is no entry requirement, you simply click on the product and a page opens with the product image, name and price. The fun part is the amazon “tap the box to see if you win” box.

Simply click the box and you will see a message telling you if you won or not. If there is a promotional discount, and there often is, you will see it applied to the product price.

There is no limit as far as I know on how many giveaways you can enter on Amazon but you can only enter each individual giveaway once.

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Prime Deals and Early Access

How to Search on Amazon Prime Deals for the best discounts

If you already shop on Amazon then you most likely have already spotted the “today’s deals” section. If you haven’t see it, that page is here.

Daily deals are great but with a few click’s you can find even better deals!

The default page shows the featured offers. If you look to the top right you can see the dropdown list where you can choose to sort results by discount high to low.

Then on the left sidebar you will see a section that allows you to filter the results by discount. This usually has a list of discounts by precent that you can choose from. Choose the discount you want and browse the products available.

Early Access Deals for Prime Members

Prime members can also avail of early access to Amazon deals and special offers. This means that if you are a prime subscriber, you can view and order products in lightening or daily deals earlier than non prime members.
You can view all the upcoming offers with an option to “watch this deal”. It also tells you the exact time that the deal will become available to you.


Amazon Deals for Prime Members

Check out Prime Early Access Deals Here

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More Ways To Find Amazon Deals

Find Even more Discount Deals  

Amazon Outlet is another great way of finding discounts on Amazon. Outlet offers deals on overstocked items. You can browse through bestsellers in many categories or check out the super discounts page. Personally I don’t think outlet has as many offers as Prime offers and Giveaways but you might find some good deals there.

Amazon Warehouse  is another option for finding deals. Warehouse lists returned items from Amazon. Basically any items that have been purchased then returned to Amazon are relisted (after testing and inspection) at a discounted price. 

It can be difficult to find warehouse deals but you can search by category and with a little effort find used items or barely used at a cheaper price. 

While searching in warehouse deals look in the “available from these sellers” section of the product and search the sellers for Amazon warehouse. You can see the quality from new to acceptable and other details. 

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