How Often Should a Father See His Child? – Take our Poll

How Often Should a Father See His Child? – Take our Poll

I am a single parent with five kids, their father and I separated three years ago. I don’t think their dad is putting in enough effort to see our children. How often should a father see his child/children?

I know there are many single parents out there who have the opposite problem, where they have to fight to keep the other parent from trying to get custody of their children for various reasons. I also know parents who constantly fight about these issues. What I don’t see as often is mom’s who want their kid’s dad to visit more often.

This post isn’t about bashing dad’s, I use dad because that’s my situation. I know it can be the other way around when a mom who isn’t parenting full time isn’t willing to visit as often as they should.

My kid’s dad visits them for one and a half to two hours per week. He never takes them overnight, we have no legal separation agreement or custody agreement and he has no interest in seeing them more often, I’ve asked and suggested it often enough. I know he works a 40 hour week but I still think he could make more time for his kids.

So How Often Should a Father See His Child?

It’s difficult to find accurate statistics on this, at least recent statistics. However I would like to find out what other people think on this matter.  Here’s a poll I created to gather some data on how often a dad should see his child if he is separated from the mother.

You can add your own suggestion to the poll if no answer fits. These will be subject to approval before they are displayed.

If you would like to help gather data on this subject, please take the time to share this post/poll so we can get more opinions, thanks

What do You Think?

how often should a father see his child?

Are you in a similar situation? How often do you think a father should see his child? Are you a dad who doesn’t get to see his kids as much as he wants or a single dad facing the same issues? Do you have anything to add or a story to share, I’d love to hear opinions from mom’s or dad’s, please let me know in the comment section below.

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