Echo Dot Alarm Clock

Echo Dot Alarm Clock

My Echo dot alarm clock function drives me crazy, find out why below..

I’m all about making life easier, we have a pretty busy household and mornings are rushed and chaotic. As a single parent with five children, getting up on time is a priority and one of my biggest morning challenges!

I have to be honest, a morning person I’m not. I don’t wake easily or quickly but I didn’t buy my Echo Dot to use as an alarm clock. Originally I bought it because I love music. It really gets me moving and lifts any morning mood I might be in. It also makes housework a less dreaded (for me) experience.

If you came here to find out if Amazon’s Echo Dot works well as an alarm clock. I am more than happy to let you know exactly how the echo dot works as an alarm and why it drives me crazy!

There are thousands of reviews available online that will give you a much more detailed look at the Echo range of smart speakers. Everything from their functionality, use and thousands upon thousands of Alexa skills. This review is based only on the alarm clock function of the Echo because as it turned out, it’s what I use the most.

Buying an Echo Dot simply for the alarm is not something I would do. As I said, I didn’t buy one for that reason, it just happened to turn out that way. I still use my echo for many other uses too.


Amazon Echo Alarm Clock

So why exactly does the Echo drive me crazy in the morning?

The short answer is… it works, a little too well. I no longer have any trouble getting up on time in the mornings
The long answer is a little more involved.
I have a love/hate relationship with my Echo as an alarm. Firstly, the alarms are easy to set up. I have several set at regular intervals for the morning. I always set multiple alarms because I always sleep through them, not so with the Echo.

Now I wake up before my first alarm sounds. As a side note, the alarm sound is actually not horrible to listen to. Even if you set it to ascending, it’s not annoying in itself. Somehow it has conditioned me to not only wake before it goes off (perhaps in dread of it actually going off!) but to wake at around the same time even when I forget to set it up for the morning. This is something that no other alarm has managed to do before. I have tried and tested many before to try to improve my tendency to sleep late.

The Real Reason I Love/Hate my Echo Dot

Another reason the Echo works so well as an alarm clock and the reason it drives me absolutely crazy is, I have to speak to get the alarm to turn off.

I purposely set the Echo up as far from my bed as possible. The result is that I have to be awake enough to actually speak for it to stop making noise. As I said, I am not a morning person, by the time I am capable of coherent speech. I am fully awake.

My Echo is a stubborn thing, half-spoken words of abuse will not stop it. Muttered grumbling will not stop it either. I cannot seem to get any of the Echo alarm commands to work and as a result, have spent way too many mornings shouting “ALEXA”, “STOP” until it eventually responds and stops its musical melody designed to torment the tired.

So there you have it, it works and I sort of hate it, but I wouldn’t be without it either.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Sandstone

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