This website domesticitydaily.com is a one woman website and was made, not out of the desire to have a hugely popular site with a lot of visitors, but as a place where I can write, rant, complain and share the up’s and down’s of raising five children by myself. It comes from the creative needs of a mom who is at home all day and needs an outlet to express herself during those rare moments when things are quiet.

Our Story

We are a family of six, I have three boys and two girls. I love my children and the fact that I am lucky enough to be able to be at home with them, there is nowhere else I would rather be. I’m not a super mom who creates inspiring healthy meals that I can share with the world, neither am I a terrible cook. I cook and bake like every other mom out there, to the best of my abilities. I like fast meals, tricks that make cooking quicker while still keeping things relatively healthy. This site will most likely feature some recipes that I find useful, among other things.

As I said, I love that I can be at home but at times it can be somewhat mundane, housework that never seems to end and that I can only almost keep on top of. Homework woes, the daily search for the missing shoe, sibling rivalry, sleepless nights and frustrations with schools and other people who have daily interactions with my children.

Sometimes being a mom, I feel that there is little time left to be an individual. I rarely meet friends to chat over coffee, or speak on the phone and I like to talk. Writing is a way for me to communicate when I seldom get to and part of the reason this site was created.

Why You Won’t Meet the Team

I like my anonymity, this site will not feature photos of my children or myself, I don’t wish to share those with the world. I won’t be sharing personal details about my family here. I have no plan for this website, I consider it a hobby, a place for me to talk and if anyone out there enjoys listening then that would be great, I will keep adding to this site either way. It’s for me but you are welcome to join me and my journey if you can relate or even if you just enjoy the site!

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